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Korāju コラージュ simply means "Collage" in Japanese. Life is a grand collage that is ever changing, follow it's continued creation here.

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Heya! Here are some tips I found nice for DIY inspirations in a bedroom. I was not a big fan of DIY till now because I felt like we can easily fall in a “cheesy” movement ( cf: how to make a rose with pink paper), BUT now on,  I realized we can find amazing inspirations, and that has made me change my opinion! So, I will make a few more articles about DIY, hope you like it too! ;-) 

Heya! Voici quelques idées qui me plaisent pour faire des ” Do it yourself” ( traduction: à faire soi-même) dans une chambre. Je n’ai jamais été une grande fan des DIY car j’avais l’impression que l’on tombait facilement dans les clichés ( cf: comment faire une rose avec du papier), MAIS depuis peu, j’ai remarqué que l’on trouve vraiment de bonnes idées, et ça a changé mon opinion! Donc, je ferais quelques articles sur les DIY à partir de maintenant, j’espère que ça vous plait aussi! ;-)



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Finished Cosplays: part 1

How to Train you Dragon 2: Hiccup

Rise of the Guardians: Jack Frost

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club: Haru (Swim and Arabian)

D.Gray-man: Kanda Yuu

Spirited Away: Haku

Homestuck: Kankri Vantas

Avatar: Korra

Shingeki no Kyojin: Levi

The World Ends With You: Neku Sakuraba

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Thought via Path

Why do bus drivers feel the need to peel off at full speed when they know you are running to catch their bus!!!! Lol even the people on the bus were waving at me like Forest Gump! at MTA Bus - Q54 - Cooper Av & 80 St – Read on Path.